In this section you'll learn about the security features in Google Apps such SSL, 2-Step verification, Single Sign-On, OpenID as well as Email Security settings.

1. Data Security at Google
  1. Video: Watch the video on Google data center security
  2. Presentation: Security for Google Apps - Overview
  3. Reference: Read the Security Whitepaper
  4. Reference:  New Google Privacy Policy (Feb 2012)

2. Authentication
  • Presentation:  Secure Connectivity: Overview 

2.1 Two-Step Verification
2.2 Single Sign-On (SSO)
    1. Video: Single Sign-on tutorial
    2. Video: Single Sign-on demo
    3. NEW:  Exercise: Configure SSO for your domain (without SSO environment)
      Optional & in BETA: Configure SSO for your domain (with SSO environment testing !) - currently under construction (Jan 30, 2013)
    4. Presentation: Single Sign-on (SSO) Overview

2.3 OpenId 
    1. Reference: Familiarize yourself with Federated Login for Google Account Users via OpenID
    2. Exercise: Configure OpenID for your Google Apps domain

2.4 Security and Compliance
    1. Presentation: Security and Compliance services with Google Apps Overview 
    2. Presentation: Email Security Settings in Google Apps Control Panel 
    3. Exercise: Configure a setting for Appended Footer
    4. Exercise: Configure a setting for Objectionable Content
    5. Exercise: Configure a setting for Content Compliance
    6. Exercise: Configure a setting for Attachment Compliance