Advanced Tools - Part I

In this portion of the course you will learn more about the advanced tools available to deploy Google Apps with an emphasis on troubleshooting.

Google Apps Calendar Connectors for Exchange
  1. Presentation:  Calendar Connector Overview
  2. Presentation:  Calendar Connector Sync Service
  3. Exercises:  SkyTaps Environment
    1. Exercise:  Training Environment Settings
    2. Exercise:  Calendar Connector Web Service
    3. Exercise:  Calendar Connector Sync Service
  4. Exercises:  Traditional Environment
    1. Exercise:  Install Calendar Connector Web Service
    2. Exercise:  Install Calendar Connector Sync Service
  5. Exercise:  Trouble Shooting Calendar Connector Web Service

Trouble Shooting Mail Issue
  1. Presentation:  Mail Delays
  2. Exercise:  Mac Users:  Mail Commands  ,  Skytap Users:  Mail Commands 
  3. Exercise:  IMAP Trouble shooting
  4. Exercise:  Mailbox troubleshooting
  5. Presentation:  SFP and DKIM 
  6. Exercise:  Enable DKIM for domain
  7. Presentation: Advanced Troubleshooting