Ordering Process FAQ

Who provides this service?
This service is NOT provided by Google, but through Ready Tech.  
What is the cancellation process?
 Once the order has been place, there are no cancellations or refunds.
Can I change the time of my On-Demand Lab?
After you purchase your order you will receive a confirmation email from ReadyTech which you must respond to within 14 days of receipt.  In the response you will schedule the date and time zone when you would like to access the On-Demand Lab.  Changes to the date must happen 12 hours prior to your scheduled time.  Changes cannot be made less than 12 hours prior to your scheduled time.

How is my contact information used?
 The order process requires your email address which will only be used to schedule your lab time or other communication that might be required to access the On-Demand Lab.  ReadyTech will not sell or share your contact information with anyone and you will not receive any marketing information from ReadyTech unless you have requested it.

Where can I get support
This service is NOT provided by Google, but through Ready Tech.  Ready Tech will assist with with access issues by email: support@readytech.com .  They will not support any issues regarding the training content.  
Payment Methods
At this time we only accept Google Checkout.  We are looking into other forms of payment.
For orders greater than 10 days of On-Demand Lab, ReadyTech does accept purchase orders.  Please send your purchase order to the following address get-info@readytech.com along with the participant's email addresses.