Ordering the On-Demand Lab

On-Demand Access Issues?
Get Help if you're experiencing any issues accessing the On-Demand lab
This self-study course includes a series of lab exercises which reinforce key concepts and develop your technical expertise. The exercises use common enterprise software such as Microsoft Exchange® and Active Directory which are running on our training server and accessed through the On-Demand lab environment.  The course topics GADS and Data Migration have you synchronize or provision user information from Active Directory and migrate the user's data from the Microsoft Exchange® server to your Google Apps domain

On Demand Lab - How it works

The On-Demand Lab is provided through our partner ReadyTech.  Google Checkout, PayPal or Credit card is required for payment using ReadyTech's secure online portal. 
For more information regarding ReadyTech ordering policies, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Order Process
Follow these simple steps to order your On-Demand Lab environment:
  1. Go to the secure online order portal: https://google.buyhostedtraining.com    << Network issues resolved.  Go Gads!  Go GAMME!
    • Select a lab option and click Buy Now
      Note: We recommend APPS200-10-Hours which provides 10 hours of flexible lab time over 14 days.
    • Have your credit card ready.
    • Complete the 4 steps to submit your order. You can follow these Step-by-Step procedures 

  2. Within a few minutes, you will receive a receipt via email from ReadyTech.
    • This confirms payment was received and accepted by ReadyTech.  

  3. Within a few more minutes, you will receive a confirmation email from ReadyTech.  
    • This provides your access code and link to start the On-Demand environment
    • You have IMMEDIATE access to your On-Demand Lab environment.  
Note: Please direct questions regarding access to the On-Demand lab environment to ReadyTech Support

On-Demand Lab Environment

The On-Demand Lab provides you access to our training environment. Your virtual machine has the following pre-installed:
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google Apps deployment tools - GADS, GAPS and GAMME
  • LDAP browsers: JXplorer and Softerra
Note: The administrator user on your On-Demand Lab machine has full access to add/remove content from the lab machine. 
         We recommend you complete the exercises prior to making changes to the lab machines.

You will be provided credentials to access the remote training server which has the following enterprise software installed:
  • Microsoft Exchange® Server 2003
  • Active Directory

Connectivity Test

Before you order, try this simple connectivity test for the On-Demand Lab at: https://google.selfpacedlab.com/index.php?r=settings/lab
If you pass the connectivity test, you can are ready to order and access the On-Demand Lab. 

Note: The On-Demand Lab requires about 80kb/s bandwidth which is a little more than dial-up access.

Getting Ready to Access the On-Demand Lab
  1. Go to https://google.selfpacedlab.com/index.php?r=settings/lab
  2. Click "Automatic Testing" 
  3. Download the plug-in, if necessary
  4. Click "Save Settings"
  5. Your Access Code will be provided via email once ReadyTech has processed and confirmed your order 
Mac Users
  • Read these instructions if you are using a Mac OS machine to access the On-Demand Lab