Google Apps Directory Sync

In this section you'll learn how to configure Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS) to synchronize user information and groups from Active Directory to your Google Apps account. GADS is a powerful deployment tool that you'll use to synchronize or provision user information in Google Apps from your LDAP such as Active Directory. GADS performs a one-way update to Google Apps. It does not modify data in your LDAP. You configure what information to synchronize from your LDAP, such as basic user information, rich profiles, groups, shared contacts, calendar resources and even organizational units.

To complete the hands-on exercises for GADS, you'll need access to the On-Demand Lab (instructions to order

Watch and Learn
    1. Video: Google Apps Directory Sync Technical Overview tutorial  
    2. Video: Google Apps Directory Sync demo
    3. Presentation: Google Apps Directory Sync Overview
    4. NEW! Presentation: Google Apps Password Sync Overview

    Practice Exercises
    1. Exercise: Explore Active Directory Attributes using an LDAP browser
    2. Exercise: Provision Users using Google Apps Directory Sync     
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    Test your Knowledge
      1. Assessment: Take the Google Apps Directory Sync self-assessment

      Reference Materials
      • GADS Download and Documentation site
      • GADS Administration Guide  html   pdf
      • GAPS - Google Apps Password Sync  site
      • Technical Transition Guide  pdf