Deployment Planning + More

This is the beginning of the course. In this section you'll learn about key considerations for Planning Your Google Apps Deployment and essential administrative tasks using your Google Apps Control panel to manage organizations, users, groups and contacts as well as delegate administrative privileges.

Watch and Learn
    1. Video:  Planning Your Google Apps Deployment tutorial 
    2. Presentation: Planning Your Google Apps Deployment overview
      • Topics: Deployment Methodology, Mail Delivery Architectures, User Management
    3. NEW! Presentation: Domain Management, overview of domain types and working with multiple domains
    4. Video:  Managing Users, Groups and Contacts tutorial

    Practice Exercises
    1. Exercise:  Create a Secondary Domain
    2. Exercise:  Configuring Organizations and Users
    3. Exercise:  Granting Administrative Privileges
    4. Exercise:  Working with Administrator-managed Groups
    5. Exercise:  Working with Google Groups for Business - User-managed Groups
    6. Exercise:  Managing Users and Groups Beyond the Control Panel

    Reference Materials